About Rapid Health+

Rapid Health Plus is your local COVID testing center, providing on-site no appt. necessary free COVID PCR testing to all ages. Come in today for your free test.

Testing All Ages

Now more than ever it is important to test all ages, especially since the Omnicron variant is affecting adolescences more.

No Appointment Required

Rapid Health Plus is a walk-in clinic providing on-site fast covid-19 tests. No appointment is necessary. 

Fast Test Results

Get your results right away! At RHP you receive your results at the site to give you peace of mind. 

Our Mission

Bringing Safe and Fast COVID Testing to Help Local Communities Stay Safe.

Rapid Health+ provides fast covid-19 testing at centers across the greater New York State. All our testing centers are walk-in clinics focused on fast testing and fast results.

At Rapid Health+ you can expect a quick visit where you will receive a rapid test and a PCR test. After your test you will see a doctor via telehealth, providing you with optimal safety. You can expect to receive your rapid test right after seeing the doctor. Your PCR test will then become available online.

Common Questions


Do I need an appointment?

No appointments necessary! Just come in at your convenience and get your free rapid and PCR COVID tests. 

What type of testing do you provide?

When you visit our clinic you will be given a rapid test and a PCR test. The rapid test results will be available when you are complete with your visit, and your PCR results will become available online.

Where are your centers located?

We are constantly opening new centers across New York State. Currently we have two mobile units in NYC, and clinics in Middletown, Salisbury Mills, and Washingtonville, New York. 

How long is the average visit?

With no lines and automated check-ins you can expect your visit to take between 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Feel free to call us to ask for an exact testing duration.  

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us



(845) 888-PLUS

Open Hours

Mon – Thurs: 9AM – 6PM
Fri: 9AM – 3PM